Chennai Floods

The above pictures of Chennai in a devastated Condition :  


The city of Chennai is now in a very bad condition due to the recent floods & Constant downpour .

Images of the situation is portrayed above …..

People here have lost almost everything even the very basics of living. The intensity was such that people were not able to take anything other than saving their own life.

After this, because of the stagnation of water all over , people are unable to get back to their routine still.Health hazards needs to be taken care at this juncture .

We at Nalanda need your support and cooperation in this desperate situation to help this needy and deserving people.


To Provide them with :

  •      The basic needs food , clothing & Shelter
  •       Medicines for the affected
  •       Basic groceries for the homes
  •       Books & other school related materials viz, uniforms, shoes & socks Etc.,
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