Nalanda Charitable Trust

About us

Who we are

This trust was formed by passionate and likeminded people on January 30, 2003, headed by Mrs. Elizabeth Jegam Dorothy, and following the footpath of service were Mrs. Merlin Geetha, Mrs. Carolin Latha Martin, and other associates with the same attitude and morals in serving this society.

Our Objectives

Taking care of children of domestic and working women and abandoned children by natural calamities, etc., by providing well-nourished food, shelter, and clothing

Providing the children with a supportive education and developing good patriotism, disciplinary faith in God, and brotherly hood

Providing monetary and in-kind support to needy students for their education

To create awareness on general health, environmental protection, and support with monetary benefits and in kind for medical treatment.

Our Vision

Our mission is to make sure all young people and children get all the support they need, when they need it, no matter what it is.

Our Mission

We want to build a world where no child or youth feels alone and gets every possible help they need as soon as possible.