Nalanda Charitable Trust

Educational Program

Educational Programme

One of the most important activities of the trust is empowerment through education. For this purpose, the trust’s activities in these areas

Daycare centres

Night Schools

School Fees

School Unifrom

School Books

Daycare Centre:

This activity serves society by providing free daycare for children of domestic working women and others from poverty and below the poverty line in their earnings. This enabled the people to go to domestic work without worrying about the child and see that whatever little they earn could well serve their living.

Thanks to the support of both local and international donors, NALANDA has been able to improve its contribution to this programme.

Nutritious Food: Every day the children receive it from around 7.30 am until 9.00 am, given milk along with biscuits by 9.00 am, lunch by 12.30 noon, and evening snacks by 4.30 pm, either biscuits or light tiffin like idly, uppuma, etc., and children are taken back by their respective parents or guardians from around 4.30 pm till 8.00 pm.

Night Schooling:

With the need to support education, Nalanda conducts night schools for the improvement of the quality of life for the underprivileged.

School Fees:

The need to provide a quality education for the fulfilment of children’s goals NALANDA has provisioned expenditures to pay the school fees of the underprivileged. NALANDA is committed to providing not only school fees but also expenses for the children in terms of school uniforms and books arranged by the trust.